Expanded Metal and Bar Grating

Bar Grating and Expanded Metal Supply

Half & Half Metal Supply is your quality source of expanded metal and bar grating supply on Long Island and the surrounding areas.

Lighter Per Foot and Stronger Per Pound

Available in steel, aluminum and stainless steel at H&H Metal Supply, expanded metal is lighter per foot and stronger per pound than the sheet of metal from which it is made. Metal strands forming the open diamonds permit light, heat, sound and air to pass through. It also presents an impenetrable barrier to intruders.

From carbon and stainless steel standard extended metal products to bar grating and steel weights, we provide top-quality expanded metal and bar grating products. 

Reliable Expanded Meta Products

  • Carbon steel – standard expanded metal
  • Stainless steel – standard expanded metal
  • Aluminum – standard expanded metal
  • Carbon steel – flattened expanded metal
  • Stainless steel – flattened expanded metal
  • Aluminum – flattened expanded metal
  • Expanded metal grating
  • Bar grating and steel weights
  • Weights (steel only)
  • Grip strut grating

Same Day Estimates, Next Day Delivery

We serve small businesses and local homeowners with easily welded and punched fabricated sheets available in stock. We offer same-day estimates and next-day delivery. Call 631-944-8500 to place your order.

Quality Products, Quality Service

Half & Half Metal Supply is ayour quality source of expanded metal and bar grating supply on Long Island and the surrounding areas.