Local Long Island metal supply supports many industries

Supporting Local Industry with Reliable Long Island Metal Supply

Meeting Local Metal Needs

Local industries, including manufacturers, fabricators, and machine shops, need a dependable Long Island metal supply for smooth operations. Half & Half Metal Supply is your trusted source, offering a wide selection of quality metals and fast, reliable service from our central Long Island location in Port Jefferson. We’re committed to helping local industries meet their metal supply needs.

About Half & Half Metal Supply

Half & Half Metal Supply is known for its wide range of inventory and dedication to the Long Island business community. We provide same-day estimates and guarantee next-day delivery, ensuring your projects run without delay. Our comprehensive inventory includes everything from standard carbon steel to high-quality alloys and specialty metals, meeting diverse project requirements.

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Benefits of Local Metal Sourcing

Quick Delivery

One of the biggest advantages of sourcing your metal supplies locally from Half & Half Metal Supply is our promise of next-day delivery. This service is invaluable for projects with tight deadlines, giving you peace of mind that materials will arrive when needed without the long wait times of distant suppliers.

Variety of Materials

We stock over 2,000 items, including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and alloys. This variety ensures that no matter the project, we have the right materials in stock, ready to be delivered to your doorstep.

Supporting the Local Economy

By choosing Half & Half, you’re not just getting your supplies faster; you’re also supporting the local economy. Local sourcing keeps the community strong and fosters a network of businesses that support each other, contributing to regional prosperity.

Personalized Customer Service

We pride ourselves on offering personalized service to each customer, whether they’re large manufacturers or small local shops. Our loyalty program offers regular discounts and benefits, making it cost-effective for frequent buyers.

Specialized Metal Services Offered

Long Island metal supply with press brake bending services

Half & Half doesn’t just supply materials; we also offer specialized services to help complete your projects with precision. Our facilities include capabilities for saw cutting, shearing, punching, press braking, plasma cutting, and vinyl masking. These services save you time and reduce waste, ensuring that your materials are ready for use upon delivery. 

Industries Rely on Local Long Island Metal Supply


Local manufacturers rely on us for quick access to a variety of metals, which helps maintain their production schedules without delays. Our next-day delivery ensures smooth manufacturing processes with minimal downtime.


Metal fabricators benefit from our wide selection of raw materials and specialized services like saw cutting and shearing. This speeds up their project timelines and reduces waste by providing materials that are ready for immediate use.

Government and Military

We serve the government and military sectors by providing mill-certified, high-quality domestic materials. Our ability to meet precise specifications and deliver promptly supports critical defense and government projects.


We support the aerospace industry by supplying manufacturers with specialized materials like aircraft aluminum, stainless steel, and 4130 chromoly tubing. Our reliable supply chain ensures these high-quality materials are available when needed, supporting the stringent demands of aerospace production.


Long Island metal supply for motorsports

In the motorsports industry, builders of race cars, motorcycles, and 4×4 vehicles rely on our extensive inventory of 4130 chromoly tubing, aluminum sheets, and other essential materials. Our prompt delivery and customized services help these builders meet tight project deadlines and specific design requirements.


For marine applications, including yacht and barge construction, we provide marine-grade materials like 5052 and 6061 aluminum, anodized aluminum, and T316L stainless steel for the demanding marine environment.


The construction industry benefits from our structural steel products and services, like plasma cutting and press braking, creating components that meet strict structural integrity standards.

Art and Design

Artists and designers often require custom solutions and benefit from our no-minimum purchase requirement. This allows them to buy small quantities of metal for custom projects, which is often not possible with larger suppliers.

Choosing Half & Half for your Long Island metal supply needs means more than just receiving high-quality materials quickly. It’s a partnership that values efficiency, quality, and mutual support. We invite local manufacturers, fabricators, and machine shops to experience the benefits of local sourcing with us. For your next project, contact Half & Half Metal Supply — where your business is valued, and your success is a priority.